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Veterans’ Memorial Plaza Benefit Golf Tournament
Saturday, May 9, 2015
Ponca City Country Club

On Saturday, May 9, First National Bank of Oklahoma is hosting the Veterans' Memorial Plaza Benefit Golf Tournament at the Ponca City Country Club. Please join us to help raise money to complete the construction of the Veterans' Plaza in downtown Ponca City.

The tournament is a 4-Man Scramble. Cost is $85 per team member or $340 per team. $5 Mulligans will be sold at registration which takes place at 12:00 p.m. Lunch will be included.

Main Street would like to thank the following tournament sponsors: First National Bank of Oklahoma, Asbury Machine Corporation / Throop Rock Bit, Albright Insurance Agency, Cable One, and Fred & Sue Boettcher.

We are incredibly grateful to all of those who have donated to help see the Plaza project completed. Ponca City is a wonderful place to live with so many generous community-minded citizens. Every day truly is a great day in Ponca City!

Download information brochure and registration packet here!

Downtown Ponca City Goes Hip-storic!

Recently, Ponca City Main Street (PCMS) with the help of the Ponca City Arts and Humanities Council and the City of Ponca City, have placed new banners along Grand Ave. in the downtown district. The theme is “Ponca City is Hip-storic.” Many people are thinking “Huh? Hip-storic?” So just what point is PCMS trying to get across? It is a phrase coined by PCMS from the combination of two words, “hip’ and “historic.” The district represents both the historic aspect of the community in its location, buildings and architecture, and the current “hip” energy created by businesses, activities and entrepreneurs.

The slang ‘hip” means cooler than cool, the pinnacle of what is “it.” Beyond all trends and conventional coolness. Casual knowing air of the latest ideas. The concept of “hip” started after WWII in the visual and performing arts. Think Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. or Julie London. Or Jackson Pollock. Alan Ginsberg. Elise Cowen. To be hip meant to create a new norm. This movement lead to the art style known as “Pop Art,” considered the pinnacle of hip.

Across the spectrum of media, Pop Art and the groundbreaking artists of this style are experiencing a resurgence of interest. With that in mind, Ponca City Main Street wanted to create a public art event which would be fun to look at, educational and interactive, as well as promote the downtown. Banners were created to highlight five aspects of Ponca City’s downtown, and pair those aspects with a Pop Art genre from the 1950s through the 1970s: Outdoor Activities with Abstract Expressionism, Culture with Collage or Photomontage, Entertainment with Psychedelia, Shopping with Typography, and Dining with Minimalism. Each banner was designed to emulate one or two of the significant artists of each genre.

Granted, these are somewhat complex terms in regards to banners, but that is where the educational aspect comes into play. PCMS has placed five informational posters about the art genre and artists in five downtown PCMS member stores. A Facebook Scavenger hunt has been developed for the fun and interactive part of the project. The goal of the scavenger hunt is to get a selfie with each poster, post the selfies on your Facebook page and “tag” Ponca City Main Street in the post. While you are at it, tag the store as well! Get all five selfies posted by April 10, 2015 and you will be entered into a drawing for a very artistic prize. To make the Scavenger hunt even more fun, PCMs is providing these clues to help you participate:

Location #1:
       • Do you need a good pen?
       • Somewhere between 2 and 3.
Location #2:
       • A VERY historically artistic outside
       • Gear Head heaven!
Location #3:
       • A very Grand name
       • That which we call a rose applies.
Location #4:
       • We have the corner on health.
       • A family tradition
Location #5:
       • Everything old is new again!
       • Historically, people ran for this.

The prize is a year membership to the Ponca City Art Center, five admissions to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and four admissions to the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa. All three of these organizations donated the prize items. The winner will be announced the week of April 20.

With the help of the Ponca City Arts and Humanities Council, a presentation about the banners and Pop Art has been developed for area high school art students. If your art class would like to have the presentation, or if you want more information about the scavenger hunt, call the PCMS office at 763-8082, visit the website at or go to the Ponca City Main Street Facebook page. Now go get hip with your selfies!

PCMS Hires New Director Chelsea McConnell

Current PCMS Executive Director, Jayne Detten, will begin a new full time position with the City of Ponca City as assistant director to David Keathly, Executive Director of the Marland Mansion and the Marland Grand Home, beginning in September.

The PCMS Board of Directors is pleased to announce the hiring of a new Executive Director to the program to replace Detten. Chelsea McConnell, formerly employed by the Ponca City Chamber as Membership Development Director, will assume the position September 1st.

It is with great pleasure that PCMS welcomes Chelsea to her new position. We look forward to a long and lasting relationship of growth and success with Chelsea at the lead!


Board of Directors

Seated: Courtney Baugher (Design Committee Chair), Pam Childs (Board Chair), John Kramer (Board Sec./Treas.).

Standing left to right: Lori Henderson, Natalie Prather (Organization Committee Chair), Amy Denney (Scribe), Mary Ann O'Neill, Rhonda Skrapke (Promotions Committee Chair) Dolley Rolland, Chris Henderson (Ponca City Developmental Services Director), Richard Winterrowd, Marge Queen and Corie Stolhand (Board Vice Chair).

Not pictured: Jim Rau, Debbie Gingerich.

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